Registration Process

Rules & Regulation ..

Important instructions for Parents

1. Admissions will be on the basis of test for all classes for except Pre- Nursery.

2. The child should be 3+ for Pre-Nursery class.

3. Kindly submit school fees by 10 of every month.

4. No student will be promoted in mid session.

5. Kindly send a signed leave application in case of leave.

6. Kindly send pupil in proper school uniform.

7. Parents are requested to attend P.T.M after end of the every terminal exam.

8. Parents are not expected to meet the teacher during the school hours. In special case with the permission of principal.

9 No student will be sent with other relatives except Father/Mother.

10. No Student will be allowed to leave the campus without permission of the principal.

11. Parents are requested to attend all PTM's arranged by the school.