• 1st Jan 2013
    Registration Open

  • 1st Mar 2013
    Admission open

  • 11th May 2013
    Mother's Day Celebration

  • 27th May 2013 to 6th June 2013
    Summer Camp

  • 7th June to 12th June 2013
    Manali Adventure Tour

  • 26th May 2013 to 30th June
    Summer Holidays

  • 3rd October 2013 to 10th Oct 2013
    Sports Week

  • 28th November 2013
    Science Olympiad

  • 18th Jan 2014
    PSA Examination

Welcome to M.R.International school. M.R.INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL which was founded on 14th September 2008 by Ch. Ajmer Singh Ji has grown from a sapling to a young and blooming tree under the patronage of Ch. Ajmer Singh Ji. Founder of M.R.EDUCATIONAL TRUST Ch. Ajmer Singh ji is a great philanthropist, simple, truthful person having a spirit of rendering social service for the upliftment of society to push up the literacy rate in the region and providing quality education to the younger generation. He is the kind who leaves a lasting impression on the mind of anyone who meets him. He has a clear vision and a plan to achieve that vision for the progress of society. ...
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